Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ~ In Pictures

I have been scrolling through pictures from the last 12 months trying to get inspiration for the last post of 2012. How do I sum up such a year?

Several common themes kept popping in my head.

One of them was waiting. We spent over half the year waiting with anticipation for Charlotte. We waited for paperwork, approvals, the Fedex man, funding.

I thought our wait was almost over when we boarded the plane bound for China. But the waiting is just different now. After we got Charlotte we waited for her to gain weight and strength. And she has. We waited for her to be secure that we weren't leaving forever when we walked out of her sight. And she has. Now we're waiting with anticipation to see how God continues to change her and heal the broken places in her heart (and He already is). We're waiting for her speech to develop. We're waiting to see the big plans God has for her ... and us. What I've come to understand about the life of following Jesus is that the waiting truly never ends. He is always stirring in us a passion for someone ... for something. We've never arrived. And if we ever reach the place where we can manage without the Holy Spirit's power ... we're in trouble! I'm so thankful for this year of waiting. It wasn't easy, but my faith is stronger because of it.

Another theme that kept popping up from this year is contentment. Or to put it more accurately, a redefining of what makes me content. This year has been different in a lot of ways. With the expense of the adoption and absence of my salary there were no family vacations, no trips to the mall, and much less eating out and entertainment. Once Charlotte was home, we tried keeping our routine very simple to give her time to adjust. I am a person who loves to be on the go, but frankly most weeks I don't put on make-up or leave the house for days at a time with the exception of taking the kids to and from school. (Who would have thought sitting in the car-line would be the bright spot of my day!)

But here's the weird thing ... I don't mind. Whatever "sacrifices" I've made have been so worth it. It's actually refreshing to slow down and enjoy spending time at home. I find myself thinking so much less about things I "need" to buy. I'm not always in a hurry. I know my kids more intimately. I have time to talk to them, and they actually have time to play with all these toys they have! I look forward to my husband coming home (and some days, run upstairs to put on makeup just before he gets here;)

I guess to sum it up, I'm learning to be content – at peace – with less during this season. Here are some memories of our time together.


I guess most of all the theme of our last 12 months in pictures is love. I am overwhelmed with the love that fills my heart for these five people who fill my home. I can't wait to see what the next year holds ... things I know to anticipate and things that will be a surprise. I am so grateful for this year of blessings and look forward to the one to come.

From our family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR!