Monday, April 23, 2012


Three years ago  

I was peering into this little face for the first time...


God did the unimaginable. He surprised us with a baby. And that was no easy task, as adoption takes

 planning, waiting, and work (trust me ... we're experiencing that right now!) Until a few weeks before 

his birth, we had no idea this baby was coming. But God did. 

We'd prayed for this child. But only God knew the circumstances that would bring him into our lives.

I could not have dreamed up a more perfect child for our family. 

So easy-going, 


talkative and animated,


and SWEET.

I could not possibly love him more. 

I love that he still lets me rock him,

and smother him with kisses.

And though it's sometimes exasperating (and messy), I love that he's so sure of himself. From the time 

he learned to walk he'd figure out a way to get what he wanted – almost like he didn't want to bother 

anyone by asking for help. And I learned to keep the snacks on the top shelf!

I love that it doesn't take much to make this boy happy ... 

which makes it that much more fun to do things just for him.  

Sweet Bryce, I will thank God every day of my life for the privilege of calling you SON.

You are a treasure.

Happy 3rd Birthday!


  1. He is my favorite little dancing buddy when I get to keep him in nursery. He is precious!

  2. Who could resist those eyes?! What a handsome boy!