Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful ... by Scott

My wife doesn't know it, buy I'm hijacking her blog for a few minutes while she chases four kids and packs up various travel bags while preparing her fight-your-brother-for-the-last-one deviled eggs.

I didn't participate in the November daily Thank-a-thon for the same reason I poo-poo the Elf-on-a-Shelf thing: It's one more daily requirement I wouldn't keep up with. Today, though, I'm going to take a few minutes to do something that should be on my daily schedule. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but these are going to focus on the woman who still causes other men to check out her butt.

Nightly dances in the kitchen. Smart phones are awesome for a number of reasons. One of them is that I can quickly dial up Billy Vera's "At the Moment," which my wife is powerless against and leads to a slow sashay in front of the stove. The kids have yet to act grossed out about it and, actually, wear big smiles as we dance.

Her sense of humor. It took a special lady to marry me and be able to tolerate, and even encourage in her own subtle way, my humor. Lots of inside jokes that exist just between us. I can't even give a witty attempt at an example. It just wouldn't connect to any of you.

Slowly changing me ... for the better. Without her I'd probably still be thinking high-top basketball shoes with shorts were appropriate casual attire.

Her cooking. She has her regular meals, but also ventures out. In our house, I've continued my campaign for her meat loaf to be higher on the rotation. I will not rest until I succeed.

The way she quietly motivates me. Even in the midst of the chaos, she takes time to connect with our children one-on-one, despite how exhausting that can be. She finds nooks of time for not just reading her Bible, but studying it. Recently she's gotten on a health kick and lost around 20 pounds. That would be like me losing the equivalent of a Twilight kid.

She's fun. Take a look at that photo above. There wasn't any prompting in that, no "C'mon babe! Let's get a good pic of you joining in!" That was her seeing a pile of leaves that needed to be jumped in.

So thank you, Amy, for who God created you to be and how you've continued to live out His calling. Love ya. As a reward, I'll give a special performance of the Mwaba Man Dance at some point soon. (See, told you it wouldn't make sense to an outsider.).

Your thankful husband,

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  1. Love this! And we think she is pretty special too!