Thursday, March 1, 2012

Waiting on Adoption Referral Psychosis

Okay ... I take it back! The waiting patiently and savoring every moment thing was last week. Now I'm starting to lose it. I stumbled on this post on "waiting on adoption referral psychosis" and it says perfectly what I really could not come up with the words to describe. So check it out and say a prayer for us as we wait for a referral that could come "any day." (So we were told last Monday!)

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  1. You don't take it were just having a moment. I have those all the time. Much is being done in the waiting. Each moment builds depth that we cannot fathom. I have "many moments" when I think about how long we have been waiting for Caroline's healing. Every sunrise, every sunset, all day and every day. But His faithfulness and accomplishing work is there too.