Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday Fun!

This is how we celebrated Miss Charlotte's 2nd birthday. 

Chinese food. Yum!

There was chop stick practice,

lots of smiles,

 and deep concentration!

They even gave us a mini dessert in honor of the birthday girl!

And it wouldn't be a Barkley birthday without a trip to Krispy Kreme for some "hot and now!" 

But the best surprise was waiting in an email that I checked just before heading to bed ...

Turns out I did get to see a little birthday cake mess!!

It ended up being a pretty great day!


  1. A treasure of a post Amy. I am sitting here at work with tears about to spill over...priceless.

  2. Love it! That is so awesome! Also with tears in my eyes!

  3. Love this! Glad she was celebrated there too!