Sunday, June 26, 2011

You'd think we'd have it all figured out by now ...

We know adoption. Done it ... twice. We've had 3 home studies - one for each boy, and one when we became certified foster parents a few years ago. But this is a whole new ball game. I'm figuring out all the international adoption jargon slowly but surely. We sent off our application to An Open Door Adoption Agency on May 16th. A few weeks later, we sent in our service agreement and commitment fee.

Now begins the fun ... the home study! For those who have never adopted, this is the part where you give them every detail of your life from birth to present so they can decide if you'll make a good parent! :) Just teasing! Honestly, it is a very involved process ... but SO worth it for the end result (and much less painful than childbirth!)

Just to give you some idea:
Last week - Order certified copies of birth certificates for me and Scott
                     Physicals/medical reports for 3 kiddos
This week -GBI and FBI fingerprinting for me and Scott
                     Physicals/medical reports for me and Scott
                     Write our autobiographies (not kidding)
                     Complete marriage and adoptive applicant questionnaires

Also this week ... we made our first attempt at fundraising. With only two weeks' notice, we jumped in on the neighborhood yard sale. It wasn't the raving success that I would have liked, but we got rid of some junk unused items and added a little to our adoption fund!

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